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Examples of Projects undertaken by our team

  • In situ measurements of the actual stress conditions on ship structural elements, using strain gauge technologies.

  • Design and development of a sensor system measuring ship accelerations and motions.

  • In situ measurements of hull girder deflections during critical ship uploading operations on a chemical tanker.

  • Detailed elasto-plastic strength analysis of bolted joint connection, on the main girder of a shipyard gantry crane.

  • Detailed longitudinal strength analyses on the structure of a damaged cargo carrier, during various phases of flooding.

  • FE strength analysis of aluminum and composite ship hull panels during water slamming impacts.

  • FE strength analysis of Navy Frigate and Fast attack craft weapon system mounting structures.

  • FE local stress analysis of Tug boat deck and hull structures under ice braking and towing operations.

  • FE analysis of naval gun turret.

  • FE buckling and failure analysis of a cement loading crane system.

  • FE global stress analysis of major elements of a shipyard gantry crane.

  • FE stress analysis of the superstructure of an Offshore oil rig.

  • FE global and detail stress analysis of a research offshore platform hull structure.

  • Various FE analyses of RO-RO passenger ferries: global response of hull girder and detail analyses of structural elements and fitting supporting structures.

  • Failure analysis of Bulk Carrier bulkhead structure using FEA.

  • Development of interface codes between fluid solvers and FEM software for stress analysis of marine structures under the action of fire and explosions.

  • Mode shape, Natural frequency and forced vibration analyses of RO-RO passenger ferries.

  • Free hull girder vibration analyses of Navy LSTs.

  • Global (hull girder) and local vibration analyses of Navy OPVs, including radar mast, strut and rudder local vibrations using 3D FE models.

  • Measurements of vibration and noise levels onboard many passenger vessels and evaluation against comfort standards.

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